On Friday 1st March, Year 5 were visited by Zoo Lab.  They brought in some of the animals that might be found in the Amazon Rainforest.  We learned about the different layers of the rainforest and how they create the perfect habitat for different animals.


On the forest floor, you might find giant cockroaches that have two brains – one in their heads and one in their bottoms! You might also come across giant land snails whose excrement (poo) is always the same colour as the food it has eaten!


In the understory, you may see curly haired tarantulas who can fire out their bottom and leg hairs to warn off predators.  The hairs pierce the skin and make it feel like a nettle rash that can last up to 3 weeks – ouch!


In the canopy, it is the perfect habitat for snakes.  We met a corn snake, which wouldn’t be found the Amazon, but it is part of the constrictor family, which do live there.


A rainforest has an emergent layer, but it’s mainly birds, monkeys and butterflies that you would find up there which are hard animals to bring to a school.  We are however looking forward to ‘hatching’ butterflies when we study Lifecycles in Science in the Summer Term!