On Monday 30th September, all of Year 5 descended on York to find out more about the Vikings!

We went to the Jorvik Viking Centre where we took a trip back in time and travelled around a Viking village.  We saw combs being made from antlers, children playing, food stalls, shoe shops and rats running around – we even experienced what it would’ve smelled like which was not very pleasant!  Although the Viking times were over 1000 years ago, we realized that there were many similarities in the way that they lived and the way that we live today – Viking children even had an equivalent of a fidget spinner made from the knuckle bone of a pig!


We were also lucky enough to attend two workshops where we found out about Viking battle tactics and Viking sagas.  Our guide showed us several Viking weapons and how and why they’d have been used in battle and we found out that a female Viking warrior was called a ‘shield maiden’.  During our Viking Sagas workshop, we were told an ancient Norse story and some of us got to act it out which was great fun.  We look forward to writing our own Viking sagas in our English lessons in the next few weeks.