Year 5 had at an amazing time at the Centre for Life on. We explored forces in the Curiosity Zone, brain activity in the Brain Zone and then saw a science show linked to kitchen experiments where some of our pupils assisted the scientist.  Jordyn put her hand through a bubble without popping it and Tyler explored a mixture that could be both a liquid and a solid depending on how roughly it was handled!


To tie in with our Space topic, we watched a show in the planetarium, which told us about the dark side of the moon, the phases of the moon along with loads of other interesting facts such as why the word ‘lunatic’ was associated with the lunar cycle.  We were lucky enough to view the artwork of Luke Jerram which displays the lunar surface in incredible detail on a seven-metre-wide sphere that is suspended in the air. It was massive, magnificent and mesmerising and we enjoyed sketching sections in our sketch books.