On Monday 20th May, Year 6 took part in a ‘Kwik Kricket’ tournament at South Shields cricket grounds. It was the largest festival of its kind ever to be run with over 40 teams playing and competing.

Our school took 3 teams of 10 and played in different rounds against a variety of local primary schools from around the borough. Each team had 8 players in the match at one time. We enjoyed fielding and batting experiences but perhaps most of all the chance to work in teams together which allowed us to progress our cricket skills and grow in confidence throughout the day.

All teams played well and represented the school with sporting etiquette and skill. Teams C and B both won two matches and lost two, Team A won three matches and lost their final one by 5 points after a controversial interjection by another cricketer. Despite this, all players kept their heads held high and enjoyed a sunny day out playing cricket.